Alpinarium Galtür


Protective wall, encounter and research


The people of Galtuer in their quest of ensuring survival in an high alpine living space have been moved even more into the centre, not least after the events of 1999. This human climate and the derived nature-oriented tourism development appeals to many locals and guests. With the "Alpinarium", opened in spring 2003, not only a memorial room has been created but also a new exhibition and meeting place to get to the bottom of the sensitive interplay of man and nature in its various facets. There are exhibitions about the overall theme "Man and Mountain", a documentation centre for the life and economic activity in alpine living spaces and a room for the necessary exchange of ideas.

„With the Alpinarium, Galtuer shows that it has remained true to its 800-year history, a strong-willed village that has always been and still is open to new ideas and concepts“, Anton Mattle, mayor of Galtuer, explains. „Our village is unique but at the same time typical for mounatin villages around the world that have preserved their character and self-will. The actual Alpinarium goes beyond the exibitions within the rooms, it is the beautiful high alpine world above Galtuer.“ In 2005, the Alpinarium was part of the national exhibition "The future of Nature"
The wall. It is 135 m long and up tp 19 m high. In the same year of the disastrous avalanche winter, in summer 1999,  the work on the protective wall in Galtuer began. Five years later the side that faces the village has been completed. Here are organizations like the fire brigade and the mountain rescue. 

lanning and Realization Alpinarium Galtuer
Start of construction: Spring 1999
Completion: Spring 2003

Dipl. Ing. Fritz Falch, Landeck

Interior Design
Sollberger-Bögli, Biel CH

Exhibition Design
Vogt Landscape Architects, Zurich
and Scenography Eva Afuhs

More info
Alpinarium Dokumentation GmbH, Hauptstrasse 29c
A-6563 Galtuer/ Tyrol, P (05443) 20000, F (05443) 20000-20