Hemingways Bar


open from december until april
(closed in summer)


Hemingways Bar

Our Bar, named after the great writer Ernest Hemingway, is still an insider tip of the Paznaun bar scene. Hemingways Bar is the address for fanciers of good taste. Here you can spend comfortable evenings or have a lavish celebration - depending on audience, mood and occasion.


Hemingway in Galtür

„It was hot coining down into the valley even in the early morning. The sun melted the snow from the skis we were carrying and dried the wood. It was spring in the valley but the sun was very hot. We came along the road into Galtur carrying our skis and rucksacks. As we passed the churchyard a burial was just over. …“
That's how Hemingway's short story „An Alpine Idyll“ (1925) begins.


Hemingway's stay in the Silvretta is by now an allegory for the exclusive reputation that the mountain formation has been enjoying in alpinistic circles for decades. The Literature Nobel prize winner, adventurer and womanizer ennobled the tour area, not least with his story, as one of the great mountaineer and ski touring regions of the Alps.