Accomodation for cross-country skiers


Hotel Toni is a quality-approved Accommodation for cross-country skiers 


Our quality criteria

  • Hotel Toni is situated directly at the next to the cross-country ski run 
  • Sport breakfast (fruit, muesli, etc.
  • Storage room for cross-country skiing equipment (lockable and insured against theft), possibility to wax-polish skis (table, electricity, screwdriver)  
  • Washing and drying facilities 
  • Cross-country skiing information are with tipps for region: map, information about cross-coutry ski schools, rentals, timetables, ... 
  • weather information: up-to-date weather forecast for next 3-5 days 

Due to reliable snow coverage the ski runs can be used from the start of december until spring and offer perfect training conditions for everyone. On approximately 100 kilometers of ski runs you will find best conditions for beginners and challenging tours for professionals in dreamlike surroundings. 


Gut zu wissen

Urlaub bei Spezialisten

Urlaub bei Spezialisten


Wir sind Partner Betrieb der "Cross Country Ski Holidays" in der Kategorie NORDIC FIT.

Durch diese Partnerschaft profitieren wir vom Know-How zahlreicher Langlaufspezialisten. In Kombination mit unserer persönlichen Erfahrung wissen wir genau was Langläufer, egal ob Anfänger oder Profi,  im Urlaub brauchen. Von Ausstattung bis Service - bei uns sind Sie richtig.


Langlaufurlaub beim Spezialisten Hotel Toni
Leistungen im Überblick

Leistungen im Überblick

  • Loipeneinstieg in unmittelbarer Nähe
  • Langlauf-Info Corner
  • Absperrbarer Skiraum und Wachsbereich
  • Skiverleih in nächster Nähe
  • Trockner- und Wäscheservice
  • Spezielle Langlauf-Pauschalangebote
  • persönliche Beratung

 Den nächst gelegene Skiverleih finden Sie in nächster Nähe, nur 2 Gehminuten vom Hotel entfernt.


Skiverleih - Sport Walter Skiverleih - Intersport Wolfart
Aktueller Loipenbericht

Aktueller Loipenbericht


Über die Galtür App erhalten Sie täglich aktuelle Informationen zu den geöffneten bzw. gespurten Loipen

Der Bericht wird täglich um 08.00 Uhr aktualisiert. 

Der Wetterbericht sowie aktuelle Informationen werden täglich aufgelegt. 




Täglicher Loipenbericht Galtür Loipenplan.pdf

Cross-country skiing in Galtür


Admission to the ski runs is free! 


  • Cross-country skiing along the river Trisanna

    Starts at the sports centre/indoor pool in Galtuer (connects to the Trisanna Run)
    Total length: 8.7 km Altitude difference: 120 m average slope: 1.5 % maximum slope: 9 %

    Leads along the river Trisanna to Ischgl and ends at the Silvretta cable car (large parking lot)
    Total length: 5.2 km Altitude difference: 110 m average slope: 2.11 % maximum slope: 6.0 %
    Starts at the ice-sakting rink in Galtuer at 1,580 m above sea level and ends after a circuit at the same place.
    Total length: 6.6 km Altitude difference: 104 m average slope: 4.25 % maximum slope: 10 %


    The ski walking trail Bielerhoehe starts at the toll gate at 1,670 m above sea level and ends at the Silvretta reservoir at 2,036 m above sea level. Connection Lake Run: ca. 4.5 km, connection training run: 3.5 km
    Total length: 5.0 km Altitude difference: 366 m average slope: 4.3 % maximum slope: 9 %

    The ski walking trail Zeinis starts in Wirl and ends at the Kops reservoir at 1,830 m above sea level.
    Total length: 4.5 km Altitude difference: 219 m average slope: 4.9 % maximum slope: 14 %
    The ski walking trail into Jamtal starts in Galtuer at the church and ends at 1,845 m above sea level, past the Schnapfenalm and the Scheibenalm.
    Total length: 5.0 km Altitude difference: 213 m average slope: 4.3 % maximum slope: 9 %


  • Cross-country skiing schools

    Diagonal stride, skating, double push... – learning the technique of cross-country skiing takes practice, too. For the proper technique to handle the Silvretta runs and ski walking trails with the narrow planks, the Ski School Galtuer also offers cross-country skiing lessons and cross-country ski tours with certified instructors.